Saturday, 21 June 2014

Salcura Shampoo and Conditioner - Review

I have always suffered with my scalp being dry and sometimes sore. Over the years I have tried several treatments, including steroids and tar shampoos from the doctors, but nothing has really worked. Most recently I have decided that more gentle shampoos are my best bet and the problem has settled down but never fully gone away. With the warm weather at the moment I need to be especially careful which is why I was excited to try this product.
I'm always sceptical when reviewing shampoos. Whenever I try a new one my hair seems to love it for 2 weeks, causing me to review positively, but then adjust and go slightly downhill! With this product I have actually used the whole bottle up, over a few months, so as to give a fair and thorough review.
Firstly the duo contain no harmful chemicals such as parabens and SLS. They also boast some impressive ingredients such as sea buckthorn oil. Sea buckthorn oil claims to reduce inflammation, calm and soothe skin and nourish skin cells. It also contains omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 which help rejuvenate skin cells.
Now on to my experience. Firstly I like the packaging. It's plain but sturdy and the lid pops up to allow easy application. I was surprised at first to see that the product is a really bright orange colour. This is even more unusual in a conditioner. The two don't have a strong fragrance but do have a light citrusy scent which is lovely and fresh smelling.
I have used several products geared at damaged scalps in the past and one thing I always find is that they tend to neglect your hair. Where my scalp has cleared up, my hair can become greasy or dry and lank looking. Salcura is not one of those products! I take a small amount of the shampoo, lather it up and concentrate on massaging it into my scalp. I then follow up with the conditioner, focusing on the lengths of my hair, and leave for 5 minutes before rinsing.
Within 3 days of using I started to notice the improvement of my scalp. The flakes became less and I couldn't feel the build-up of dry skin. With the improvement of my scalp I expected my hair to suffer but it really didn't. My hair still looked clean and in good condition. I continued this way for a few weeks and my scalp continued to improve while my hair stayed clean. I did find that it was slightly lacking in shine so I got into a routine of using my regular conditioner every 5 days or so to give it a little boost.
I have now finished the shampoo and have a few uses of the conditioner left. I am really impressed with this product, especially in a time when my scalp has been getting a little burnt by the sun.
Salcura Shampoo and Conditioner* are a very reasonable £7.99 each and can be purchased from
*PR sample



  1. I haven't tried their shampoo/conditioner but I love their eczema products - they got rid of my eczema hoorah! These sound lovely, although I don't have a scalp issue I bet they're really gentle & soothing x

    1. Aw yeah iv heard such great things about their eczema products. X


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