Sunday, 29 June 2014

Male Grooming - The Shave Doctor - Review

The Shave Dcotor range includes 5 products as pictured above.

Shave Oil £5.99*

Shave Creme £6.49*

Moisturazor £6.99*

Facial Wash - Pre Shave Facial Scrub £5.99*

After Shave Cooling Gel £7.49*

My boyfriend has been using the whole range as a 5 step process. First he applies the shave oil and leaves it for a few minutes to sink into the skin. Next he applies the shave creme and uses this to achieve a close shave. When he has shaved he applies the cooling gel to soothe the area. In between shaves he uses the daily moisturiser and the facial scrub to keep his face hydrated and to stop ingrown hairs.

As I have mentioned before, Lewis is not particularly interested in skincare, doesn't spend money on it or time. One thing he likes about this range is that it makes him take time over shaving, sort of like a pamper session! He says it slows the process down and makes him concentrate on shaving as he completes all 5 steps of the process. After his first shave with the range he commented that it makes a cheap razor feel like an expensive razor.

Lewis doesn't buy himself beauty products but he will mention things that he would use again if I were to buy them for his birthday or Christmas. Lewis doesn't shave particularly often so this set will last him a very long time however he would like it replaced as a gift. I asked him if there are any products he would drop from the range, for example just using another moisturiser or scrub, but he likes using the whole range as they compliment each other and would want them all again.

The full set can be purchased from the webiste for £27, saving £5.95 on the individual prices. I think this is a great price for a whole set and definitely affordable as part of a gift, esspcially since Lewis enjoys the products so much. A real winning product in our house and fully recommended for all your boyfriends.

*PR Samples


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